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Paleo Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

Get this recipe for a thick, soft and chewy cookie loaded with chunks of dark chocolate and shredded coconut. Made using almond flour, these cookies have a hint of amaretto and a ton of paleo-friendly decadence.   Continue reading

Almond Scones + Mashed Fig

Remember those Kraft snack packs with the cheese and crackers and red stick to spread it? Those were my faaavourite growing up… and let me tell you, it’s because of that stick.  The joy of being able to customize each bite carries over to my love of scones. The leisurely array of spreads brings me to sit back and just enjoy, perfect to savour during a break, or over tea with friends.

This recipeIMG_1517 is gluten-free and friendly for paleo diets as it uses almond flour in place of white flour. Of course, it imparts a nuttier, rich taste, and is higher in protein with healthy fats to be nutritiously filling. Almonds pair nicely with figs, so I grabbed a few, mashed it with a fork and made my own whole food spread.  Continue reading