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Chewy Granola Snack Bars

These oatmeal snacks bars are naturally sweetened with bananas and dates and… surprise! That’s the base recipe. 3 ingredients. Easy as fudge! IMG_2054

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IMG_0798Good morning! Thought I’d share today’s Breakfast Of The Day: Greek yogurt with Blueberries, Cashews and Chia seeds, made all the more delicious in a mason jar 😀



The above was actually the product of my impatience while waiting for this batch of Maple Pumpkin Sesame Coconut granola, using 1:1 oats and buckwheat as its base. Here is the customizable recipe for good-for-you granola if you did not see my previous post.


Crunch crunch crunch….there’s always room for granola.

Very Crunchy Buckwheat Granola with Almonds and Goji Berries

IMG_0317A crunchy sweet ‘n’ salty topper for parfaits, smoothies and salads. Here I’ve sprinkled some on my morning kale smoothie.

IMG_20140401_100932Like quinoa, buckwheat is a seed, making this a grain-free, higher protein granola compared to traditional (but, irreplaceable) oat clusters.  Buckwheat is very low in fat, high in fibre, and provides 10g of complete protein per half cup.

This recipe bakes raw buckwheat groats with a variety of fruits, seeds and nuts that is tasty as a trail mix on its own.


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