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Shanghai-Style Wonton 上海雲呑

I haven’t posted once since my mom arrived from Hong Kong 2 months ago. I’ve been utterly, yet obligingly, spoiled by my mom’s home-cooking and haven’t lifted a finger other than to click an OpenTable reso when it’s my turn to treat.

My grandmother on my mother’s side is Shanghainese and her reputable culinary skills have been passed onto her children while they grew up in Hong Kong. I received none of those skills across the Pacific Ocean, so I rely solely on my mom to make my absolute favourite dish: Shanghai- style wontons. These are fun, straight-forward, and much faster to make with a partner or kids, so round up a squad for your wonton prep! We usually make these in batches of 100 so we can freeze and have them ready within minutes next time around.   Continue reading


Basic Homemade Crackers.

IMG_3969If you haven’t tried making your own crackers, you will be delightfully surprised at how simple and satisfying it is to make them at home, any flavour your like! The dough is an easy combination flour, olive oil, water, salt and sugar. Topping variations are endless. Today I’ve made one batch Truffle salt and Cracked Pepper, and the other batch Herbed Garlic with Poppy Seeds. These crispy, savoury crackers are great for snacking on their own, or you can make them plain for dipping and hors d’oeuvres.  Grab a rolling pin, and let’s get crackin’ 😛 Continue reading