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Black Sesame Cacao Energy Bars

5 ingredient wholesome no-bake energy bars! Naturally sweetened with dates. Studded with cacao nibs. And loaded with my favourite nuts (cashews) and seeds (sesame) to rev up your energy!

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie (dairy-free)

IMG_1930Pumpkin pie is my favourite dessert of all time. I could make pumpkin pie before I could even scramble an egg, following the instructions on the back of the E.D. Smith label religiously at every Thanksgiving. I even hoard extra cans of pumpkin and evaporated milk in the pantry for easy access to make it again, and again throughout the winter. The way I like my pumpkin pies are extra spicy, with freshly grated ginger and even some black pepper, and generous amounts of pumpkin spice in a smooth rich pumpkin filling. Served fresh from the oven with vanilla ice cream, or next day cold and jammed in a mason jar to eat on-the-go, this pie always delivers.

This year, I substituted evaporated milk with coconut cream for y’all dairy-free friends. The texture and taste is largely the same, and more importantly, everyone can have a slice 🙂 !

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Cardamom Pistachio Kulfi

If you are a fan of desserts with rich and complex flavours, you might just fall in love with cardamom ice cream. Cardamom is a spice often used in Indian cuisine, and imparts a uniquely aromatic flavour. Paired with crushed pistachios and creamy coconut base, the result envelops you in its taste and is truly incomparable. This kulfi recipe uses coconut milk and condensed milk, but it can be made dairy free and vegan with coconut milk alone. Unlike ice cream, kulfi doesn’t require any special machine other than a stovetop and pot, taking only a few minutes of your time to prepare. Let me know what you think of my new favourite homemade frozen dessert! 🙂 Continue reading

Medjool Date Rolls

IMG_3030Naturally sweet and packed with nutrients, dates are one of my favourite whole foods to substitute sugar in treats. The combination of dates with nuts is pervasive in traditional Middle Eastern desserts, but also hitting the shelves at health stores because it is raw, delicious and nutritious. But before you reach for your wallet, let me tell you these are incredibly simple to make with only 3 base ingredients mashed together, rolled around and refrigerated. So let’s get going and you’ll have a massive tray of date rolls in front of you in 5 minutes from….. now! Continue reading

The Ultimate Loaded Cookie

These chewy cookies are absolutely packed with all sorts of goodies, and though some may call them breakfast cookies, they are really anytime cookies, whether on-the-go or to savour with tea. Why I love them? The base is oats. The glue is crunchy nut butter. The sweetener is a whole banana and apple butter. And the filler are seeds, cacao and dried fruits. No sugar or oil added. Gluten-free. Delicious. Continue reading

Clean & Mean Reese’s Pieces

IMG_1254I recently tried Kewaza’s peanut butter cookie dough energy balls and was WOWWW’d! One look at the ingredients list: Dates, Peanut Butter. Chocolate chips, and I had to make them in bulk for myself. The first time around, I threw these ingredients into a food processor with spoon in hand to make the balls.  Well… after having used said spoon to eat the batter out of the jar with a tall glass of milk, I’ve decided that spoons are too dangerous for this recipe, and I bring you a modified bar version that requires refrigeration, slicing into formal rectangles, and individual wrapping in hopes to impart better self-control to you lot who give this a try 😀 .

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