Frittata Basics

Making a large frittata for the week is a simple way to add protein and veg to your weekday breakfasts.

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Turnip Cake (Lor Bak Gou)

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! Turnip cake is a well-loved dim sum dish, served steamed or pan-fried throughout the year. Turnip cake is especially popular during Chinese New Year because the word cake ‘糕’ and ‘high’ in Cantonese are both pronounced as ‘gou’, making cakes a symbolic food of prosperity and fortune. So. Eat your cake.

If you’re wondering what turnip cake actually is, it is a savoury steamed cake made of rice flour and shredded turnips, with little pieces of Chinese sausage, mushroom and dried shrimp. It is truly much more delicious than it looks in writing (as are most dim sum items 😉 ) This is my mum’s recipe I’ve posted. It is my favourite.  Continue reading


Everyone LOVES food on a stick. Yakitori… Kebabs… Cake Pops… and let’s not forget our ingenious childhood Pogo’s.

My favourite “sticked” dish at the Lebanese restaurant in my hood is Kofta. It is an aromatic mix of minced meat, onions and spices, served with fresh pita, hummus, rice and tabbouleh. I can’t rave about it more. I wanted to make my own at home using organic ingredients, and I was surprised at how simple, cheap and tasty the results were!

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie (dairy-free)

IMG_1930Pumpkin pie is my favourite dessert of all time. I could make pumpkin pie before I could even scramble an egg, following the instructions on the back of the E.D. Smith label religiously at every Thanksgiving. I even hoard extra cans of pumpkin and evaporated milk in the pantry for easy access to make it again, and again throughout the winter. The way I like my pumpkin pies are extra spicy, with freshly grated ginger and even some black pepper, and generous amounts of pumpkin spice in a smooth rich pumpkin filling. Served fresh from the oven with vanilla ice cream, or next day cold and jammed in a mason jar to eat on-the-go, this pie always delivers.

This year, I substituted evaporated milk with coconut cream for y’all dairy-free friends. The texture and taste is largely the same, and more importantly, everyone can have a slice 🙂 !

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