Superfood Salad

I’m obsessed with this salad. It’s filling, it’s got crunch, it’s lathered in a sweet and creamy dressing and it’s got all the goods for a healthy, wholesome meal. While it calls for multiple ingredients, some of which need a bit of prep time, it is worth it to make in bulk to munch on for the week!   Continue reading


Apple Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad

You can think of this salad as a cheese board on greens. The addition of fresh fruits, crunchy nuts, and pungent creamy cheese in salad makes for deliciousness in every bite. This particular combination is a classic for summer, great for lunch or to dress up a BBQ with a nice glass of white … cranberry juice that is 😉 Keepin’ it healthy!! Continue reading

Edamame Succotash

My favourite bean salad is the Edamame Succotash from Whole Foods. It is a flavourful blend of edamame beans, mushrooms, and dried berries in a sweet and spicy Thai vinaigrette that makes for a satisfying main or side dish. In my own take on this recipe, I’ve also added chickpeas to load up on the protein, fibre and iron. The perks of bean salad? It can be quickly made in bulk ahead of time and stores well for lunches and dinner parties. Continue reading

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Cashew Quinoa Salad with Goat Cheese Balsamic Dressing

Enjoy salads during cooler seasons by adding roasted vegetables and substantial ingredients to bulk it up. This salad combines roasted brussels sprouts, cooked quinoa and toasted cashews with raw spinach and sweet currants. Toss this with some goat cheese and balsamic dressing, and you have yourself a very satisfying warm winter salad.

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