Acorn Squash with Spiced Apple and Walnut

Sugar and spice and all things nice is what Fall brings to the kitchen. This seasonal dish adds sweet and spicy dimensions to buttery roasted acorn squash.  The stuffing is simple and consists of caramelized apples, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Rich in flavour and colour, this is a beautiful and nutritious dish to warm up to this Fall. Continue reading


Autumn Black Rice and Acorn Squash Pilaff

Wild rice and squash together make a sophisticated Halloween-hued Autumn dish. The wild rice has a distinctive chewy texture and nutty flavour, which contrasts the tender and sweet squash. Best of all, it is super easy to make in bulk for a large party. Make it a hit this Thanksgiving, and happy long weekend everyone!
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Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Spice up your fried rice game with caramelized pineapples, toasted cashews and Thai flavours that will make your neighbours drool. Packed with nutritious vegetables, fruits and nuts, you can keep it vegetarian, or add eggs and shrimp for extra protein. The key to good fried rice is to use cold day-old rice so that it does not clump together. Another tip is to have the added ingredients evenly diced and divided in dishes next to the wok, as it comes together quickly once the wok is fired up. This recipe yields a generous 6 servings to make it well worth your time. Continue reading

Edamame Succotash

My favourite bean salad is the Edamame Succotash from Whole Foods. It is a flavourful blend of edamame beans, mushrooms, and dried berries in a sweet and spicy Thai vinaigrette that makes for a satisfying main or side dish. In my own take on this recipe, I’ve also added chickpeas to load up on the protein, fibre and iron. The perks of bean salad? It can be quickly made in bulk ahead of time and stores well for lunches and dinner parties. Continue reading

Pudla, Savoury Chickpea Pancakes

Indian Pudla are earthy spicy “pancakes” which make for a delicious gluten-free bread alternative that will waken your senses. IMG_1395

Spiced with cilantro, ginger and green chilli, they are light and tender on the inside, hot and crispy on the edges. The base of this pancake is garbanzo bean (chickpea) flour which has 6g of protein, 5g of fibre and 18g of carbohydrates per 1/4 cup. Which means that these satisfying pancakes will curb your hunger with half the carbs of one made with white flour. Plus they are vegan. Plus they are dairy-free. Plus ginger and cilantro are excellent for detox and digestion. Pretty much +’s through the roof.

So why not whip up a stack of these to try, just for health’s sake, and don’t be surprised if you absolutely adore them

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Miso Ginger Sweet Potato Soup

IMG_1294Brrr!!! I couldn’t bring myself to make a shake this chilly morning. I was craving something warm and comforting, not too heavy, and portable to fuel me on my way to the gym. Why not soup!!! Savoury soup for breakfast may sound a bit strange, but in Asian culture, congee (hot rice porridge) served with salted meats and vegetables, is a popular everyday breakfast dish. Now congee takes hours to make and I don’t have the delicious condiments lying around to make congee, congee and not just watery rice. So, I went after my bag of sweet potatoes and used several simple ingredients to make this Asian-spiced sweet potato soup …within 45 minutes and in time for the gym. A total win :D. Continue reading

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Cashew Quinoa Salad with Goat Cheese Balsamic Dressing

Enjoy salads during cooler seasons by adding roasted vegetables and substantial ingredients to bulk it up. This salad combines roasted brussels sprouts, cooked quinoa and toasted cashews with raw spinach and sweet currants. Toss this with some goat cheese and balsamic dressing, and you have yourself a very satisfying warm winter salad.

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