Pumpkin Spiced Sweet Potatoes

Although sweet potatoes are a staple in my diet throughout the year, Fall is when the fresh crop comes in, the peak season being October to March. In preparing for sweet potato season, here are a few tips to store and prepare them.

Storage: Sweet potatoes store best below room temperature, say in the basement or in a cool dark cabinet. They can last 3-6 months this way so you can buy in bulk and enjoy at your leisure.

Cooking: Sweet potatoes can be boiled, grilled, steamed, baked, made into curly fries… pretty much substituted for white potatoes in any recipe with an added bonus of being an excellent source of Vitamin A, and more vitamin C, calcium and fibre / lower glycemic index compared to white potatoes.

The recipe below is my favourite for Fall, inspired by the storm of pumpkin spiced lattes taking over the city. Cubing and roasting the sweet potatoes are also a much faster way than cooking them whole, while holding the flavour.

Pumpkin Spice Sweet Potatoes

  • Servings: 4
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  • 4 sweet potatoes
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 4 tbsp honey / pure maple syrup
  • 3 tsp pumpkin spice (2 tsp cinnamon + a dash of nutmeg, ground ginger, ground clove and all spice) 
  • salt & black pepper to taste
  • option: pinch of paprika and rosemary for savoury pairing

Let’s cook:

  • Preheat oven to 375F
  • Line a roasting tray with aluminum foil and place sweet potatoes in a single layer
  • Drizzle the potatoes with the oil and honey and sprinkle with the spices. Give the pan a good toss to coat all potatoes evenly
  • Roast for 25 minutes, or until potatoes can be easily pierced with a fork
  • Serve hot hot hot!





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