How to keep fresh herbs fresh!


IMG_0413Fresh herbs can transform your cooking, boosting both flavour and nutrition. If you have a garden or the space for pots, try growing your own for a replenishing supply. Otherwise, keep your store-bought herbs fresh for several weeks using the method below. It’s simple, and works like a charm!

1. Snip off the base of the stems.

2. Fill a jar a third to half way with fresh water.

3. Place the herbs into the jar so that the stems are immersed in the water. Store at room temperature.

  • Basil, Parsley and Cilantro can be stored like this

4. Cover loosely with a plastic bag, and secure the bag with an elastic band around the jar. Refrigerate.

  • Parsley and Cilantro can also be refrigerated for even longer shelf-life
  • Basil will turn black and wilt in cold temperature
  • Herbs best stored this way are Rosemary, Chives, Green Onions, and Thyme

5. Change water every 2 days and wash only before use.



If your refrigerator is tight on space or you want to store the herbs several months, wash, totally dry, and chop your herbs. Either place into a ziploc bag as is, or into ice trays with water to make herbed ice cubes to pop into your pan when needed.

I make mint ice cubes for smoothies like pineapple and watermelon. So simple and so delicious!


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